Who needs Senior Move Manager services?

We serve a variety of groups and individuals:
• Senior adults and their family members
• Banks/trust officers/attorneys
• Geriatric care managers
• Social service providers/social workers
• Senior living communities
• Physicians and other healthcare providers
• Realtors

Is a Senior Move Manager the same as a traditional moving company?

No! We have a much different approach. We not only sort and settle your belongings, but reduce emotional and physical distress that accompany these life changes, often very suddenly. We pride ourselves by providing “Hands on Help”.

I see that you offer many services. Can we do some of these jobs ourselves and hire Turning Point Transition Services for another portion of the work to reduce costs?

Certainly! T.P.T.S. offers a menu of services  custom  tailored for your needs. Our goal is to ease the burden of moving by providing personalized and prompt service. We're here to work for you.
How much do Senior Move Management services cost?

It is difficult to provide a simple answer to this, since costs will vary based on the individual services requested for each move. The process begins with a free one-hour consultation to fully assess your needs. After the consultation, we will provide a written estimate based on the services you've chosen. You can purchase a "block of time" to get started.

We do have a four hour daily minimum. A 50% deposit is required before work begins.

How long will this take?

One organizing session normally takes about four hours, but can be extended depending on energy levels of the client. The number of moving and senior downsizing sessions will vary based on your needs, the size of your home, and the quantity of personal belongings, and how quickly you can make decisions while sorting.
Will the same person work with me on the moving project?

Yes, for organizing and downsizing work, you will be matched with one person who will become familiar with your needs and help you focus through this emotional process.

Will you protect my privacy?

Absolutely! Your privacy is our paramount concern. We received our training in ethics through the National Association of Senior Move Managers www.nasmm.org and are well versed in privacy protection.

We appreciate how difficult it is for you to make that initial call to request assistance with your move, and that your belongings are personal and cherished. Rest assure that you, your belongings, and your privacy, will be treated with professionalism and respect through every step of the process.
Will I need to be there for the actual organizing or downsizing?

Yes, we will work together to determine which items to keep and what may be discarded, donated, etc. However, once your sorting is complete and your requests are made clear, we will be able to reorganize your belongings and develop a structured plan to help you maintain that order.
What are the steps to get started?

First, Please contact us!
• Let’s discuss your downsizing/moving needs over the phone or via email.
• If you decide our services will reduce your physical and emotional stress, we will schedule a one hour complimentary in-home consultation to analyze your needs /goals and help develop a plan to meet your goals based on your time frame and budget.